Suzanne V. Wilson, Photographer

Suzanne V Wilson's photo cards are individually printed and mounted on quality paper with matching envelopes.
Ten cards per box, only $20.

A Message from Suzanne:

I have had a love affair with photography for years. It was my good fortune to study with international sculptor and photographer, Jane Jaskevich. Two other photographers had influence on my work: Manfred Linus (photographer of Marilyn Monroe), and Ray Floyd (photographer of Liberaci). Their sense of composition rubbed off on me. I compose a photo before I take it. In those days it was darkroom and developers--now, for me, it's digital all the way. My subject matter includes the wonders of the natural world: sunrises, sunset, clouds, panoramas and vistas. Flowers are my specialty. Animals, wild and domestic, hold an equal fascination for me.

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