Shamanism: What It's All About

by Norman W. Wilson, PhD

The Shaman's Quest by Norman W. Wilson, PhD
". . . a fascinating read" ~~Bill Thorn

Shamanism: What It's All About by Norman W Wilson, PhD is a collection of short essay explaining the various aspects of shamanism and exactly what a shaman is. The book is illustrated with the intriguing photography of Edward Curtis and Suzanne V Wilson.

What people are saying about this work:

Norman W. Wilson, PhD

"This newly released book is a scholarly, but quite readable, collection of short essays about shamanism by one of our own from Camano Island, Professor Norman Wilson, PhD. Dr. Wilson has had a lifetime of interest in the subject since his first encounter, together with his mother, with a shamanka, a female shaman, at the tender age of seven. These essays reveal what a shaman is, what they do, and how they do it, while dispelling a number of misconceptions about them. He briefly describes the shaman as a healer who regularly travels between the worlds of spirit and ordinary reality to assist the patient in reintroducing harmony among the body, mind and soul. This is a fascinating read and leaves one wanting to dig in deeper." ~~Bill Thorn

"Shamanism: What It's All About is an intriguing work. Kudos to Dr. Wilson, and I look forward to his fiction series, The Shamanic Mysteries." ~~Jacquie Rogers

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