On a sunny afternoon about seven years ago, 马特Walhout stopped by Sam Smartt’s house. 斯马特教授电影和媒体的第二年, and Walhout, 当时谁是物理系的系主任, 对他有什么建议. Astronomy professor 拉里•莫尔纳 and a student were watching an interesting star—a star so interesting it could make history. Walhout thought this discovery might be a good subject for a documentary film.

That conversation turned into years of discussions and work between Smartt, Walhout, and Molnar. 现在,它是一部名为《bat365线上平台》的长篇记录片.

这部电影讲述了莫尔纳一些视觉震撼的冒险经历. 他从加尔文位于雷霍布的远程天文台获取数据, New Mexico, 他在BBC上解释了自己的预测, 并在天文学会议上介绍他的研究. And the film also captures the less flashy parts of scientific scholarship and shows Molnar as a human being. He walks the dog, goes to church, and checks the data, again and again. Viewers get to know Molnar as a diligent scientist, thoughtful teacher, and humble believer.

发光本身当然也是一种学问. Smartt sifted through hundreds of hours of footage and filmed interviews with scholars. 叙述包括天文发现的历史, Molnar的个人经历, 预测中的紧张气氛. Walhout是这部电影的联合制片人, 构思故事,并将Smartt与采访对象联系起来. The film was screened for the Calvin community in October 2021 and will be premiered at film festivals in the spring of 2022.


Sam Smartt: Luminous tells the story of the first astronomer in history to publicly predict the near-future explosion of a star. 以前从来没有人这么做过. And I followed Larry on his journey to make that prediction and test it, to see whether he was right.



拉里•莫尔纳这个项目是Dan Van nord在14年做的,他是一个学生, by the way, 甚至在我上高中的时候,我就对食双星感兴趣. 他发现了这颗bat365旧网址想要进一步研究的有趣的恒星. And Matt got the idea that we should record this as we do it and see how it comes out.

马特Walhout: I was listening to Larry and his student present their initial data, 这表明这颗恒星可能很快就会爆炸. I knew that new stars in the sky had historic importance and that nobody in the history of astronomy had ever predicted one and then had been able to see it. And I thought that this has to be documented so people can see the scientific process as it’s happening.


Walhout: Many people have an understand- ing of science that is rather caricatured. 你看不到科学中涉及的所有人为因素. Projects require you to be adaptable and patient—and to be intellectually humble because you don’t know what’s coming next. Telling the true story of how science works is really what I was after.


这些年来,许多学生都在工作 在电影和 科学研究.

  • 14年的丹尼尔·范·诺德
  • 卡拉亚历山大的18
  • 克里斯托弗Spedden的16
  • 埃文·库克的19
  • Byoungchan (Chris) Jang, 19岁
  • 肯特格林的18
  • 米凯拉痘痘20
  • 莎拉·威顿20
  • 劳伦·亨德森的22
  • Gia Mien Le ' 23
  • 安艾弗里的22
  • 刘珍芳,23岁
  • 丹尼尔先生的16
  • 乔尔·里德尔的19
  • 伊恩·亚当斯的20
  • Annake VandeBrake“21
  • 迦勒阿克曼的22
  • 塞巴斯蒂安·拉尔森20
  • 娜塔莉Vredevoogd的22
  • 克里斯托弗教廷的17
  • 信仰舒尔茨的22
  • 悉尼Klimek的23
  • 内森·罗尔斯(以校友身份录取),17年
  • 达里奥·利里奥(校友聘用)20年

What makes scholarship unique at Calvin, which is primarily a teaching institution?

Molnar科学问题有不同的形式. You can have a high-risk question where you can try something, but it’s likely to fail. Or you can have a low-risk question where you’re almost certain to succeed. You won’t have gained that much, because it was not really a big question to begin with. Many scientists have to go with the low-risk question because they have to succeed to get the next grant to stay employed. At Calvin, I could ask a high-risk question because I’m employed to be a teacher. It’s so much more fun to ask the big questions—and so I shoot for the moon.

Smartt:电影也是如此. I was fortunate to have the time and space to work on a project for a long period of time. There were a lot of ways in which I found that our experiences were similar. We had sort of small tools, but we had the ability to dedicate a long time to one project.


Molnar: God created the heavens and a Psalmist says they’re declaring the glory of God. 如果bat365旧网址注意的话,它就在那里. When I look up at the sky, I see how there’s a story there, how there’s a design.

Sam, how did you capture that relationship between faith and science in the film?

Smartt这是一个关于一个真实人物的故事. bat365旧网址不想让拉里给人留下爱说教的印象. 相反,观众在90分钟的节目中了解他. 他们理解他为什么相信他所相信的. They see faith and science coming together in a happy marriage that isn’t some sort of hypothesis—it’s just who he is. bat365旧网址不希望这是一个争论.


Smartt我对天文学是如何研究的基本上一无所知. 我对抽象意义上的宇宙很感兴趣, but I had this image of astronomers basically looking through a telescope. 事实上,拉里本质上是一个应用计算机科学家. He’s gathering data over hundreds or thou- sands of nights, and then processing that data. It takes a lot of dedication to be able to pull something meaningful from all that in- formation and then share it with the world.

Molnar我学到的一件事就是拍一部电影需要付出的努力. 我知道做研究需要付出多大的努力. 我的设备坏了,我就得修理. 当乌云降临,bat365旧网址不得不重新安排bat365旧网址的计划. Filmmakers had exactly the same sorts of things coming up all the time. 尽管这是一门不同的学科, 它需要同样的心脏, if you will, 最终真正的成功.

Professor Molnar standing with students next to the Calvin telescope


Molnar: I saw this parade of students and interactions and things that I had done over these years, 都回想起来了. It was hard to focus on the film because it was like reliving my life in an unusual way.


Walhout: I can imagine this being a useful film for aspiring scientists who are entering graduate school and entering certain well-worn paths for how research is done. This film can show perhaps a new way or model of how things might be done. There is a theme of intellectual humility that pervades the whole film. And that’s important, not just for religious audiences, but everybody, especially these days.

Smartt有趣的是,这部电影与bat365旧网址的世界越来越相关. We have a sort of mutual suspicion between people of faith and scientists. 我认为这反映了bat365旧网址当下的文化.

Molnarbat365旧网址的社会需要知道如何思考科学来评估它. 但是,bat365旧网址的社会也需要谦虚地看到限制是什么. That tension is not easy in a time when people want to take one extreme or another extreme.