关于数据的数据令人难以置信. 一项研究表明,互联网用户产生大约2.每天5万亿字节的数据. 另一种说法是,大数据市场的规模接近1400亿美元. 社交媒体公司正在收集数据, banks, 自然科学和社会科学的研究者, 公用事业公司, 运动队, 政府机构, 甚至你的机器人吸尘器.

As the deluge of data expands, so does the need for people who know how to make sense of it. In 2017, Calvin became one of the first Christian colleges to launch a major in 数据科学.

学习如何处理 大量的数据 显然越来越 重要的研究领域,计算机科学教授乔尔·亚当斯说, 谁合作发起了这个项目.


Because of the nature of 数据科学, the program couldn’t just live in one department. 杰克VanderPlas 03, who has worked as an astronomer and data scientist at University 华盛顿, explained that “preparation to be a data scientist is inherently interdisciplinary: you have to dig-in on the math and 统计数据, 深入研究计算机科学和软件工程, and find a field or application where you’re interested in building your expertise and applying those skills.”

学习如何处理 大量的数据 显然越来越 重要的研究领域.”乔尔·亚当斯

在加尔文, 数据科学专业 学习计算机科学、统计学和应用领域的课程. The core classes students take in the humanities and arts also strengthen their ability to solve complex problems and create visual models, 亚当斯说.

What are some of the complex problems that data scientists encounter once they start working in the field? 这是迈克尔·布卢姆04帮bat365旧网址回答的问题. 他是一个咨询委员会的成员,为该专业提供指导.

在他在几家公司的职业生涯中, Bloem has used data analytics to better understand things like how many burgers a fast food chain should make and how 业务es can best use their office space. Now, Bloem works at Amazon on its supply chain optimization technologies team. “bat365旧网址的团队拥有购买产品的决定权, bat365旧网址要从谁那里买, 以及bat365旧网址要把多少货物运往不同的仓库,”他说.


当人类考虑如何收集以及为什么收集时,伦理问题就产生了, analyze, 然后从数据中得出结论. And the potential for Christians to influence the field includes and extends beyond ethics, Bloem说.

“As Christian colleges scramble to launch 数据科学 and analytics programs, we have a unique opportunity to create distinctive programs that go beyond churning out data wizards,” wrote 计算机科学 professor Derek Schuurman in a recent article in 《基督教bat365线上平台评论》. “Christian colleges are well-positioned to train faithful and responsible computer scientists who recognize that not everything that counts can be counted, 即使是用最复杂的算法,”他写道.

“作为数据科学家的美德和正直 要谦虚.” 肯尼斯·阿诺德

肯尼斯·阿诺德教授对此表示赞同. “A lot of the secular narratives around tech ethics are pretty narrow,”他说. “如果你看看发生在数据和道德方面的对话, 他们试图纠正权力失衡. 但bat365旧网址在加尔文所做的是培养美德.”

Arnold joined Calvin’s faculty in 2019 and teaches several 数据科学 courses. He completed a PhD at Harvard University in 2020 and received his master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“作为一名数据科学家,美德和正直需要非常谦逊. 你不只是展示一个结果, but you also show the process and explain the limitations of your findings,”他说.


Ivanna Rodriguez ’20 was drawn to study 数据科学 because it was an avenue for her to act justly. 她打算学习经济学和国际研究, but got a taste for 数据科学 through a job with the Calvin Center for Social Research her freshman year. “我从不同的来源获得数据, 清洗它, 并将其可视化呈现给客户,”她说. “这是非常有趣和令人兴奋的工作.”


在他们的第一年或第二年, 学生选修“全民数据科学”,,它引入了问题解决和伦理问题. Other courses teach data visualization techniques and standards for encoding data.

数据科学家编写计算机程序来分析数据, 因此,学生们可以在编程语言方面得到实际的培训, 机器学习, 还有并行计算技术.

在统计方面, 学生们选修两门微积分课程, 介绍统计, 应用统计学, 以及其他高级数学课程.

因为数据科学是应用的, 学生们要花15个小时学习另一门学科, 喜欢生物学, 业务, 经济学, 地理位置, 政治科学, 或公共卫生.

She decided to add a 数据科学 major and now works in the Youth Policy Lab at the University of Michigan, using data to understand and find solutions to social challenges youth face. She uses available information like census and spatial data and performs computational operations and statistical modeling to answer specific research questions.

“Calvin taught me that 数据科学 can be used to advance the gospel,”她说. “I want to use 数据科学 to bring justice to people who have been marginalized historically.”

The details and intricacies of data can also reveal new layers of understanding about our Creator. “I’m interested in thinking about how data, and 数据科学, can help us worship,” said Arnold.

“Data science mimics the kinds of intelligent processes that all living things have: they receive information through the senses, 识别有用的模式, 并适当地采取行动,”阿诺德说. “In our attempts to mimic this, we can marvel at the complexity of the creatures that God made. We are able to take the raw input in our eyes and ears and construct something that’s a reasonably faithful representation of what the world actually is. As flawed and limited as our perceptions can be, it’s still pretty amazing.”


在天文学领域, the last few decades have seen rapid growth in the amount of data available, and it’s meant that the set of skills that we call “数据科学” has become central to much of the research in the field. That move toward answering questions with large datasets seems to be happening across research and industry, 这也是为什么这套技能将继续具有价值.

杰克VanderPlas 03, software engineer in Silicon Valley and previously an astronomer and data scientist at the University

数据科学仍然是一个新的领域. 在各个领域都有很多令人兴奋的机会. It’s allowed me to explore and learn about different things in the world. 对于求知欲强的人来说,这是一个很好的领域.

迈克尔Bloem 04年他是亚马逊的高级应用科学家

数据科学的职业生涯将拓展你的世界观. 取决于角色, you’re learning so much more about the world either through digging into one type of data or a variety across different topics. It definitely encourages you to have a wide range of skill sets from mathematics and 计算机科学 to communication and a deep understanding of the 业务 domain of focus.


Derek Schuurman, 计算机科学 professor, had an article published in 《基督教bat365线上平台评论》 被称为“破坏数学的武器是关于信仰和数据科学的交集.