Some decisions are easily forgotten—what did you eat for breakfast last Tuesday?—and some stick with you. As people of faith, bat365旧网址向神寻求帮助来指导bat365旧网址的选择,但有时bat365旧网址很难相信他正在把bat365旧网址引向正确的方向. bat365旧网址请加尔文社区的一些人分享他们做出的改变了他们生活的决定.


Nick Nichols ’20

We made a decision to get to work.

有时候一个人的命运就取决于一个决定. Similarly, sometimes a program’s destiny rests upon a single decision as well. 我是加尔文监狱计划(CPI)第一批成员之一. 这个项目为理查德·a监狱的囚犯提供加尔文教育. 密歇根州爱奥尼亚市的汉隆惩教所.

Within weeks of arriving at Handlon, CPI’s incarcerated students learned that an important visitor was on the way, an agent of an accrediting body. 这个人的决定决定了CPI是否被完全认可.

CPI’s director, Todd Cioffi, explained what was at stake and told us that we need only sit there while the person looked around. 那天托德离开家的时候,bat365旧网址在游戏日聚在一起. 有人问:“难道bat365旧网址真的什么也不做吗??” The reply started with a word I cannot write in this article and ended with “no!因此,CPI的学生们决定开始工作.

Creative students designed pamphlets. Bold speakers prepared speeches. 具有管理技能的学生协调事件的展开. 有人甚至用原声吉他练习了一首歌!

The next day, the prison’s warden, Director Cioffi, and the accreditor strode into the school building and abruptly stopped in wide-eyed shock. 学生们拿着宣传小册子等着他们. With pamphlets in hand, the group was ushered into the classroom and seated. 激昂的演讲者们上前陈述申请认证的理由. 接下来,音乐家弹吉他并唱歌. Afterwards, 学生们轮流向授权人表达他们的感激之情, director, and warden.

As they left the classroom that day, Todd turned to us and gave the thumbs up. The program was accredited.


Richard Hopper ’70

I decided to change careers.

During my high school and college days I developed a passion for both the law and the theater. I grew up in the New York City area and had the opportunity to see many Broadway shows. I attended Calvin and was a member of the theater group which was then known as The Thespians.

大学毕业后,我决定攻读法律, and in particular trial law, which, in a way, 戏剧是真正的赌注吗. 法学院毕业后,我为明尼苏达州最高法院首席大法官做了一年的书记员,然后当了三年的刑事检察官, trying serious felonies, including multiple murder cases. I went on to join a private law firm as a partner, where I tried numerous civil and criminal cases. 12年后,我被明尼苏达州州长任命为法官,担任了20年的初审法官.

除了履行正常的审判职责之外, 我创建了两个全国认可的专业法庭. 第一个是一个特别刑事法庭,处理被指控者患有精神疾病的案件. 法庭配备了教化人员和社会工作者,确保这些人得到服务和药物,帮助他们远离刑事司法系统. 第二个是一个特别刑事法庭,处理被指控的人是退伍军人的案件, 很多人都有创伤后应激障碍和相关的药物滥用问题. This court worked closely with the VA to provide the necessary services that these individuals needed.

在我的法律生涯中,我的个人生活也同样忙碌. 我的妻子格温和我领养了六个孩子. 除了抚养一个大家庭之外, 我的妻子和我都成为收养的积极倡导者,并积极参与成立了一家专门从事难安置儿童的收养机构. 有了一个患有自闭症的孩子,bat365旧网址敏锐地意识到有很多有特殊需要的孩子需要领养家庭.

My wife and I met at Calvin and one of the many interests that we shared was our love for the theater. 在bat365旧网址的孩子们成长的过程中,bat365旧网址和他们一样,参加了明尼苏达州当地的演出,每年去纽约几次探亲,看百老汇演出.

在我从法官席退休和我的法律生涯之后, with our children grown-up, my wife and I spent a great deal more time in New York City seeing Broadway and Off Broadway shows. 通过我的一个女儿,我认识了一位年轻的百老汇制片人,他当时正在制作《bat365线上平台》. My wife and I first saw Godspell in Boston in the 70’s and loved the show. 就在那时,我决定以联合制片人的身份签约,“试一试”创作百老汇戏剧, and the rest, as they say, is history.

回顾我的法律事业和个人生活, I thrived on being creative, 解决问题,建立新的方法来满足人们的需求. These attributes, 再加上我对戏剧的热情,我在过去的10年里经历了一场奇妙的百老汇制作冒险, 包括两次托尼奖提名和一次托尼奖. To set the record straight, however, there have been failures, 包括一个评论家绝对讨厌的节目, 几个月后bat365旧网址就不得不关门了. 我喜欢这部剧,如果不是更喜欢的话,至少和赢家一样喜欢.

Although the pandemic has Broadway shut down, the work goes on getting shows ready for Broadway. 2022年,bat365旧网址将带来一部以尼尔·戴蒙德的生活和音乐为基础的音乐剧. 我和我妻子的第一次约会就是去了尼尔·戴蒙德在加尔文Fieldhouse的演唱会. Who would have thought? 上帝的计划让bat365旧网址绕了一圈.


Fernando Virgil ’19


我在萨尔瓦多读高中的时候, 我决定搬到离家3000多英里的地方 to study in a place I had never been—Calvin University.

我想去美国上大学, 但我想象的是新英格兰或西海岸的一所世俗学校. I had never heard of Grand Rapids. bat365旧网址学校的副校长鼓励我申请加尔文,因为他知道我是基督徒,而且学习成绩很好.

At the time, I was pretty hesitant. I was accepted to many U.S. colleges, but the financial aid packages weren’t enough to make it work for my family. 上大学对我来说是注定要失败的. And then, Calvin came through. 我不确定我是否有勇气自己做决定, 但很明显,是上帝在指引我去找加尔文.

The first few hours of International Orientation were an affirmation that I was at the right place. I met other students from all over the world and got acclimated to the new culture. As a student, 我有一段奇妙的经历——当助理医师, leading student organizations, and learning from professors. 我真的爱上了加尔文和西密歇根的社区. I even stayed a fifth year to complete the master’s in accounting program.

Now, I’m still here in Michigan working in finance, a career field that I love.


Lindsey Gutbrod ’92


改变我一切的决定发生在我在加尔文的第一年,当我接受耶稣为我的主和救主. 我是伴随着《bat365线上平台》长大的,但却误解了福音. 我花了一生的时间试图用良好的行为来弥补我的罪,而不是把我的信仰放在基督在十字架上完成的工作上.

我转学到加尔文去了一所基督教大学,在那里我以为会遇到一些法律界的朋友(就像我一样)!). 相反,我找到了那些满怀喜悦、确信自己能得到救赎的同龄人. They lived moral lives under the authority of scripture, but were doing so peacefully. This joy-filled, obedient living came as a refreshing surprise to someone who was stressed out every day, trying to “get” saved.

多年来我一直在努力赢得上帝的青睐, I submitted my life to him, 在我的宿舍里独自祈祷接受上帝. 我的生活充满了感激之情. My spirit could rest, serving him as my Lord and knowing my eternal future is secure.

我也意识到,我有责任与那些可能和我一样困惑的人分享福音. This has led to a lifetime of vocational opportunities: a summer service project with Cru, 在匈牙利为新教教堂工作了五年, and here in Michigan alongside our local church and as a homeschooling mom to our two children.

I believe that every day is an opportunity to get out of bed and be of service to the Lord, even in the most mundane things. 通过遵守他的诺言和当地的教堂联系, he gives me the direction and opportunities to be a part of his Great Commission.


Ciarra Adkins ’11

I decided to open a solo practice.

I always knew I wanted to be an attorney; as a child I lined up stuffed animals and held court sessions. My family relocated from Detroit, Michigan, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I met the late Hon. Benjamin H. Logan. He took me under his wing, and my dream of becoming an attorney felt attainable. I had to care for siblings and work fulltime during both college and law school. These were extremely difficult years, but I ultimately graduated in the top third of my legal class.

开一家独立诊所的决定从来都不是我计划中的一部分. I wanted to join a large firm with a community of attorneys, but I never landed another clerkship. As a result, 洛根给了我一份毕业后的书记员工作, 但他在机会到来之前就死了, 我失去了我最伟大的导师和支持系统.

我通过了律师考试,继续我的日常工作. I distinctly remember attending an attorney gathering years ago; everyone was so kind and welcoming and offered to help make connections. The following year, the same gathering, people, and words, yet this time they rang hollow as I still hadn’t landed a single interview despite my best efforts. I remember crying the entire drive home, as I was desperate to find legal work. 又过了一年,连一次面试都没有.

I prayed and asked God for guidance. 很明显,我要在西密歇根从事法律工作的唯一途径就是单独开业. It was a demoralizing decision, and it wasn’t what I wanted to do—but I somehow knew this was what God wanted me to do.

现在,三年过去了,我在做上帝的工作. AQUME法律为当地几家小型有色企业提供无障碍商业和知识产权法律服务,填补了亟需的空白. Plus, 我最近雇了一个律师助理,如果我按照自己的计划行事,我就不会像我的公司那样产生公平的影响. And although it is difficult at times, I am glad I finally listened to God.


Kezia Tjahjanto ’22

I made the decision to slow down.

我喜欢快速地做每件事,而且我可以雄心勃勃. 我可以提前计划好我的生活. 对我来说,这些性格特征会导致过度担忧和焦虑. 这种焦虑在2020年全年都在增加, 因为我在bat365旧网址远程学习,有12个小时的时差.

I couldn’t focus on my classes, 我担心我可能会失败——或者每当有什么事困扰我时,我可能会情绪崩溃. I learned a lot from my advisor, Julie Yonker, and from the support of my parents. I made a decision to slow down and enjoy the blessings that God has provided me with. I learned to relax my mind, as our emotions are controlled from our brain. I started to shift my anxiety to my hobbies that requires me to do physical work such as baking.

一旦我开始学会控制自己的情绪, 我开始感到平静,可以专注于重要的事情. I am grateful for my support system and that I have a God I can rely on to help me.

Matt Halteman

Matthew Halteman

I decided to go vegan for interim.

In 2003, I started teaching at Calvin, invigorated by our mission of “educating for shalom.“我的工作是帮助学生们辨别他们的天赋,并邀请他们全心全意致力于更新上帝的世界——一个堕落但最终是美好的地方,鸵鸟和海洋, cultures and climate patterns, science and spirituality, 食物系统和它们滋养的身体通过神圣的爱编织成一个奇妙的宇宙冒险,在那里,人类以神圣的形象创造,寻求所有生物的繁荣.

40 days guide app

马特·哈尔特曼(Matt Halteman)最近为一款应用程序做了贡献,帮助基督徒思考上帝关爱动物的召唤. 他的贡献在第二周的主题“创造”上领先,” and in particular, shalom的愿景——在一个所有物种的生物亲缘关系中蓬勃发展——使犹太教和基督教的创世叙事生动起来. The app can be found at:

在加尔文教学的一个巨大回报是,那些对这一愿景充满想象力的学生往往会让他们的教授坚持下去. 这样的学生不知道一个人如何有智慧, climate-concerned, dog-loving professor could be so unreflectively committed to eating animals.

Already by 2005, I was under pressure from students to explore these issues in class. 我决定撤回一项关于无聊的临时课程的建议(!),而是教一个人创世关怀. “Peaceable Kingdom” is a course that invites students to consider the theological, moral, and environmental consequences of our current attitudes and actions toward animals. 考虑到讲道(不实践)的不恰当的讽刺,实践讲道的重要性, 我决定为了谨慎而犯错误,暂时吃素.

立志成为素食主义者始于一个为期三周的实验. No dramatic lifelong commitments. No self-flagellation for cheating.

That decision was 15 years ago now, and, as you might have guessed, 打开窗户迎接沙龙的简单做法一直困扰着我. 我不幻想自己过着完美、纯洁或“没有残酷”的生活. Aspiring to be vegan, to me, means striving to live a life animated by compassion for all God’s creatures.

比如想成为耶稣的追随者, 怀着对动物的同情去生活,更多的是为了一个目标而不是达到一个目标. But there is progress on the journey. 一个不情愿的实验变成了一种快乐的生活方式. 一时的好奇变成了一种学术上的召唤. I now see smart, 群居的猪,曾经我只看到培根和所有生物的亲密关系,曾经我可以想象只有人类统治万物.