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Much Ado About Miners
Hearts of Owyhee #4
by Jacquie Rogers
(July 2013)

Much Ado About Miners by Jacquie Rogers

1885 Idaho Territory

Iris Gardner, leader of the local suffragist group, wants to be an independent woman of means. To that end, she and some other ladies have formed the Bonnet Consortium and have judiciously invested in a few Silver City mines. Now's the time for pay-off, when the very first load of bullion is shipped out. Iris wants to make good and sure this shipment is secure so hires the highly regarded Prospero Security Transport to protect her investment.

Kade McKinnon, owner of Prospero Security Transport, can kill two birds with one stone--he can help out his family and he can make some quick money besides. But when he gets to Silver City, he finds the one woman who's held his imagination for years. And she shot him in the head! Can he save her from her own good ideas?

Sparks fly when Iris hires Kade to teach her and the other ladies to shoot and fight so they can ride escort to the bullion wagon. The only thing worse than a shot in the head is a shot in the heart.

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A memoir of over thirty years as a social worker to the rich. Their stories, all too real, except for those who lived the devastation of loss. What happens when four women find themselves widows and with considerably less money? One shellacks  donuts to use for hair curlers.

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